LNE Consulting Meets Gymnast Jennifer Bricker!

lne-consultingAt our recent conference in Nashville, LNE Consulting heard from motivational speaker and gymnast, Jennifer Bricker.  
Jennifer wanted to be a gymnast, but she was born without legs.  Her biological father, forced her mother to give her up, saying that they couldn’t afford the medical care that would be necessary for years to come.

Jennifer was adopted by the Brickers.  Even though Jennifer had unique challenges growing up, her parents wouldn’t allow the word “can’t” to enter her vocabulary.  The Brickers decided to raise Jennifer in the same manner they raised their 3 sons and they encouraged her to pursue her dreams.  It was because of their acceptance and love that she never saw her disability as a limitation.  Instead, she pursued volleyball, softball, and even basketball.  But from the very start, her hear was set on gymnastics.

She loved tumbling on the trampoline with her Dad and watching famous gold medallist, Doninique Moceanu on television.  She went on to win state titles and competed in the Junior Olympics.

Now, Jennifer is a professional acrobat and has even toured with Brittney Spears. She lives in California and has reunited with her biological mother, Camelia.  her father passed away in 2008.

It was so motivating and inspiring to see and meet her at our recent conference.  She is a true inspiration to us all that we can achieve anything that we set our minds to.
To see highlights from our conference, check out our video.  

Getting to Know the CEO

Want to know more about the CEO, Julie?  We asked her a few questions to learn more about her.

Q.  What advice would you give to your younger self?
A.  Stop worrying about everything!  I wish I would have known that if I just kept working really hard and putting all my drive and passion into what I was doing, I would hit my goals.  Instead, I always worried about what would happen.  Now, I know that no matter the time frame on my goals, I will hit them if I keep putting the right actions into place.

Q. What’s in your briefcase?
A. A few things.  1. My journal.  I write everyday.  I write my thoughts, goals, ideas, reminder, affirmations, conversations, and I even doodle!  The front cover says “Make Things Happen.”  2. The best book ever: “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and 3. A power bar.  I need to eat or I go crazy!

Q.  What was the toughest challenge in your career and how did you overcome it?
A. Again, this takes me back to the advice I wish I would have known then.  I always worried about everything.  What IF?  That fear drove me to become very confident and mentally tough because I told myself that I had no choice but to overcome it.  The more I pushed through and the more I experienced, the easier it became and I was able to turn down the distraction.


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How to Get the Job by Being Different

LNE Consulting is hiring and uses very talented recruiters to do so.  We don’t just wait for you to apply.  The firm looks in several places until we find the perfect candidate for the position.

Ever feel like sending your resume to a job posting is like sending it to a black hole? It can be very difficult for people to stand out with the traditional resume and cover letter. Here are some tips to change things up with your approach to getting noticed.


  • Tell everyone you know you’re looking for a job
    • Don’t just tell your parents about your job search. Tell everyone you can. Share with everyone you can. The more people that know about your search the more people that can help find you something. It can also increase the odds of being recommended.
  • Check out your network
    • Who do you already know? There may be a connection you already have that get you in on a job before it gets public. Go to job fairs and build those networks to land that dream job.
  • Look for who matters
    • Check out the employers website. See who you may be working with and what they are all about. You may find out you have a common connection from alumni groups or a common interest. It’s helpful to find out a name that you may need to use for an email or cover letter to show that you have done your research. Also, you may find out more about the job and if you are a good fit.

      Photo Credit Via Flickr @NathanStevens

      Photo Credit Via Flickr @NathanStevens

  • Social media
    • Use your social media accounts to your advantage. Many employers now search Linkedin to find or recruit new employees. Make sure you have clear skills, experiences, and expectations on your media websites. Engage with a company that you want to work with through their social media as well.

To learn more about the culture at LNE Consulting, view us on Youtube. 

  • Be original
    • Think about what makes you stand out. Discover new ways to advertise your abilities and qualifications. If you aren’t qualified for the job, doing something that stands out still doesn’t make you qualified. Make sure you have the minimum qualifications first.
  • Crush your internship
    • Not everyone has an internship experience, but finding one may help you out. A study done by internship.com states that 85% of companies had a positive experience when hiring interns. You can prove yourself by doing it. Show them that you can exceed their expectations.

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Ways To Be A Better Mentor

Having a mentor in your career can be a huge factor in your success.  LNE Consulting has mentors for all of the new and seasoned employees.  Below, CEO Julie, gives tips on how to be a better mentor.

1. Work as if you are being watched by your greatest mentor 24/7.
This will force you to go the extra mile and make better decisions.

2. Delegate and then don’t interfere.
They may never do it exactly as you expect, but be okay with that.

3. Speak with conviction.
When you believe what you are saying, people believe you.  Speak from your gut and let people feel your emotions.

4. Let people know when they are making good decisions.
The more confident they feel about their choices, the better they do.

5. Wake up with purpose.

If you follow these 5 steps, you will become a great mentor to your team and a great example to the company!


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Named a Best & Brightest Company to Work For – 2014

For the second year in a row, LNEATT00220 Consulting was named a Best and Brightest Company to Work For!

The firm is delighted to have been above the region in categories such as:
– Employee Enrichment, Engagement, and Retention
– Employee Education and Development
– Recruitment, Selection, and Orientation and
– Employee Recognition and Achievement!

CEO, Julie, states that she “could not be more thrilled to win this two years in a row.  The team is ultimately what wins this award for us.  We have a talented bunch of people here that all work together to achieve success as a whole.”

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LNE Consulting will continue to strive to make sure the staff is happy and continuing to exceed client expectations.  We are honored to receive such a great award for the second year and will continue to produce a culture where the team is developing, meeting goals, and having tons of fun.

Check out how we rank on our Awards Page.

Q&A with Manager Niko

This month, LNE Consulting sat down to speak with Manager Niko.  We wanted to find out a little more about his previous experience and his journey to management.  Take a look at what he had to say.
LNE Consulting:  Thanks Niko for taking the time to chat with us.  We want to learn more about you.  Tell us a little about your background?
Niko:  My parents are from Sparta Greece.  They came to the United States for an opportunity and the great “American dream.”  My parents were both entrepreneurs and got involved in the restaurant business. While growing up I quickly became involved in restaurants as well.  I also was involved in sports growing up and excelled at basketball and football.  I was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship to Fordham University.  I played 4 years and was captain of the team my senior year, while receiving a degree in History and Pre Law.
 Niko LNE ConsultingI later tried out for a few U.S. professional teams.  I went to some camps and later decided to take my talents overseas to see the world and follow my passion.  I was fortunate enough to play 8 years professionally in 5 different countries.  It was an incredible experience.  I had an opportunity to travel and meet some great people along the way.
LNE:  Why did you change career paths?
Niko:  Upon retiring from playing basketball, I quickly returned to what I knew best, which was the restaurant business.  I worked my way up to a director of operations running over 30 locations.  The businesses were later sold after a few years and I was left looking for another opportunity.  I knew that I missed basketball, but I didn’t want to return to the restaurant business, because of the countless hours and the no balance of life.
LNE:  So why did you select LNE?
Niko:  I selected LNE because it was something different.  I felt that it had some common threads that basketball had, such as a competitive atmosphere, teamwork, and unlimited grow potential.  I quickly understood the opportunity and what was needed in order to grow into a management role.
To learn about opportunities at LNE Consulting, check us out on Careerbuilder.
LNE:  Please tell us a little about your path to management.
Niko:  My path to management started off difficult, as in anything new you start.  I went through my growing pains, but I quickly excelled once I grasped the system and never looked back.  I was extremely focused on my goal and was determined to reach it.  It took me just a year to grow into a management role and I am now running Sparta Consulting.
And a fun fact, or two, that we may not know about you?
Growing up in the restaurant business made me a pretty good cook!   I also wanted to pursue acting growing up.  I have a talent of changing the way I speak to sound like different characters.
Thank you Niko for taking the time to sit and chat with us here at LNE Consulting.
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Monthly Q&A with Julie Edmonds

It is time for LNE Consulting’s monthly Q&A with President and CEO, Julie.

LNE Consulting:  Hi Julie!  We all know you took some of your top representatives to the annual awards conference last weekend.  Tell us about it!
Julie:  The conference was amazing.  Each year it gets bigger and better!  There was over 3000 people from the industry there with several great speakers including Eric Greitens, a Navy Seal, author, and founder of The Mission Continues.  He spoke about challenges he has faced in his Seals training and being on the front lines in Iraq.  His  courage and commitment to help others find their way was very inspiring. He said that hitting big goals takes one step at a time or one evolution closer to the cause and eventually you will find your way, but if you think about the big responsibility way before you get there, it’s too hard to handle.
We gave awards to some of our team members for their leadership, consistency, most improved, and those really setting the pace.  The team got to network and get recognized for their hard work.  This is one of my favorite meetings. 

LNE Consulting: What challenges have you had in your time in business that turned out to be an opportunity to grow and become stronger?
Julie: This is a tough question, because every challenge is an opportunity in its own way.  I call these the necessary evils.  The bigger the goal, the bigger the challenge and the bigger the problems become that force you to change the way you are doing something to get a better result.  If you think back to every challenge that you have withstood, it resulted in a gain somewhere based on the actions you took.  This has taught me to remain calm when all the chaos occurs.

To learn more about LNE Consulting on your favorite professional network, check out Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/lne-consulting-inc.

LNE Consulting: What are some difficulties you have when making sure you have a solid team?  What changes are you making to ensure strength?
Julie: It was fairly simple.  I have surrounded myself with people that have the same desire to succeed as I do.  I continue to set the pace and be a high performer.  Those that share my vision, that are willing to push themselves to succeed and be in charge of their lives even if hard work stands in the way, are the ones that I surround myself with.  We have created a bond by sharing this vision and we all hold ourselves accountable and stay focused.
After our meeting with Julie, we asked a for a few personal fun facts.  What did we find out?  Julie is a huge New Orleans Saints fan!  Also, when she is not running a business, writing books, spending time with her family, and giving back to the community, she finds downtime to catch up on her favorite shows, The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, and True Blood.


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